Firearms Chat Podcast 12-23-16(Holiday Gift Guide part two-for late shoppers!)

Part two of our Holiday Gift Guide special(Long!) we give you the Best choices in Guns and Gear for that special person, even if its You!!

We also quickly covered the Social Security Administration’s plan to begin instructing The FBI’s NICS unit to restrict the rights of any citizen owning Firearms who reqiuires a 3rd party payee to receive their payments each month(Boo!! Bah Humbug!)


Our Apologies…..

For the”Time Lapse” in Posts and Shows, but both Greg and I had some Health Issues(his minor, mine a little more serious) plus My wife had a minor surgery as well. I assure you all however, that were back on track and ready for SHOT show!!! Also, the facebook widget seems to be broken,..our facebook page is Firearms Chat!

Two Days after the Election my shooting buddy Vic and I went out and made use of our 2A rights! (Left S&W SD9VE(poor mans M&P) and Right-a 20+ Y.O. Browning Buckmark with Cocobolo Grips……

Firearms Chat Podcast 12-17-16 Holiday Edition pt 1

Agenda Firearms Chat Podcast 12-17-16 Holiday Edition pt 1

But just a bit of 2A news-
The Hollywood reporter took a look into the hippcritical attitude Hollywood has toward the Firearms Industry yet many Hollywood actors use Guns in their movies, and companies like Independent Studio Servicies who has been making Hollywood look “Correct” with regards to firearms for many years….

Gift Guide show-What to Buy you favorite 2A person…….

Nothing beats a good gift like a self defense pistol!!

Ruger’s new American Compact(MSRP$439), or for the 1911 lovers, Ruger’s SR1911 commander in 9MM(MSRP $979 street price $875-$900), or one of ROCK island’s 1911 or 2011 models..($399 and up)The LC9s & SPro Models now come with Optional Colored Polymer Frames(MSRP$329-Street $299)

If you really have a few $$$ to spend, Daniel Defense’s New DD5V2 in .308,..well add a nice optic like the Burris MTAC…$ TBD but a little Birdie told me $1200 or so)

If your thinking of reaching out a little less distant, the American Tactical Mil Sport 9MM AR-15 pattern Carbine is your ticket(MSRP$899 but street for under $800) bust since is comes with only one Mag, load up on Glock pattern 9MM mags!

Magazines-You can never have enough mags right? has it all, AR,AK, Glock,1911, MagPulPMags….even Shotgun Drums for the Saiga and Mka11919 AR-12Ga 10Rd Mags….

Ammo-Various companies are constantly upgrading their lines or introducing new products….
Browning’s new Black Label SD ammo will surely bring you what you need in an SD round, As Will RUGER & POLYCASE’s NEW ARX round. I just shot a Box of This Tuesday, 10 Rounds into Steel, 10 rounds into Plywood, and 5 into Melons(and they did not survive 🙂

A new project I’m working on from next term’s Gunsmithing class is an 18” 10/22 from parts, with a tri-pod and hand crank actuator, 110 rd drum, and faux suppressor….

Next show we’ll talk more accessories even though it will be just 3 days to X-Mas Eve and Chanukah