Sorry we’ve been away……We had such a great Time at SHOT 2017….

Sorry. We have been on a break due to various health related issues for both Greg and I. We have actually been back recording shows for about Three weeks, which we wil post later tonight or tomorrow. I wanted to get you all caught up on our SHOT SHOW 17 experience. It started out Monday night withn a party held by the Firearms Policy Colition and the Firearms Policy conference, along with Battle Comp and Bravo Company! It was interesting, and we got to meet a long time Facebook friend E. Alan Normandy of Battle Comp, who Lives just over the Hill from me in Prescott Arizona. The Party was at the Leatherneck Club(Sorry no Toys!) a  Marine Corps Bar that is a virtual History of the US Marines, and anyone in Vegas shoud go there for a glass and a sandwich to take in the sights on their walls. Too bad this is the only Pic I Got! More in the Next Post……

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