SHOT SHOW 17 Days 1&2

We did some Great Interviews, most Notably With Alan Korwin (Guns save Lives-next post!!!!) and Andrew Branca (Author-Law of Self Defense!) but also as notable was the Time With Dan and Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio(same Interview With Andrew-Below-second Recording) But before that, Greg and I give you our Day one Insights….along with some Photo work with Many Thanks to my Wife Annrose Fumai-Chachkes(and not just for the Photos!!!)

Photos: Top-Day 2 Lto R Andrew Branca, Dr Bill Chachkes, Greg Hutton, Dan Todd, Cheryl Todd

Greg, Dan& Chryl

Dan & Cheryl Close

Dr Bill Makes a point with Anderw

Andrew Responds

Cheryl weighs in

Dan does as well

Ursa Hutton looking, well, Like a Boxer Girl

The Firearms Chat Hat…

Greg & Dr Bill Day 1 looking well, like we’re ready to go back to the Hotel and Get Dinner!

Day One Podcast-Greg & Dr. Bill

Day Two Podcast- Andrew Branca-Author Law of Self Defense & Cheryl & Dan Todd of Gun Freedom Radio!