Bob Owens, A Sad Good Bye

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How can you say Goodbye to a Man who took a website that almost no one in our industry knew existed to one of our industry’s leading news outlets? Add to that the fact that he did it by himself! On Monday May 8th Bob took his life. The pain he must have been dealing with, I can only imagine. I had only met Bob once, at a recent SHOT show past. Most people who know me know that I’m a Disabled Vet, and that I use a scooter to get around the show floor. As I was getting out of the Scooter’s seat, Bob was at the next table in the Media center, and he jumped out of his seat to offer me a hand. Out of that began a 10+ minute conversation. Early in that conversation I looked at his badge and realized who he was. I found out we were both recent escapees of the people’s republic of New York. Soon after that meeting he realized how popular that the site was becoming because he brought in help in the talented Jenn Jacques….,who we met at a recent SHOT show as well.

Meanwhile, back to the present. Bob’s family, especially his wife and daughters, are deep in grief right now. To say his”Work Wife,” Jenn is also suffering is an understatement. Even though I had only met them each once, they mattered to me, not just because i had known them, and met them, not just because they were a part of our industry, but because they were people, and no one should ever wish that someone should take their life. Yet, folks like CSGV are celebrating. How disgusting of them. But I still would not wish any of them hang themselves or jump from a roof.

Our friend Andrew Branca, author of “The law of Self Defense” and one of our interviewees at SHOT’17, knew Bob much better then I Did. I direct you to his Blog, the Law of Self Defense, to get to know this man better.

Please, if you need help, please don’t keep it bottled in. Call a friend, call your brother or sister, call your religious leader, but please, Call someone! To get help, you can use these resources: The National Suicide prevention Lifeline-1-800-273-8255 and: the American Foundation for Suicide prevention, which is teaming up with the NSSF to run a campaign with various Firearms dealers in the U.S.

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