Firearms Chat Podcast 10/19/17 “Tek” Greg & Dr Bill “Flying Duo” again

Greg & Dr. Bill discuss:Its Hard for a Teen to defend his family with a Kitchen Knife…

If you have a Firearm your supposed to shoot the Bad Guys not the clouds

Why an Anti-Rights group woud change its name….(ask Mark Kelly)

Why the BAFTE Justified its decision on Bump Fire stocks….

Even te Guardian says laws do not get enforced….

A Boy Scout in Chicago gets thrown out for asking a state lawmaker “Hard” questions….

Senator Schumer tells his conference not to “cloud” the Budget debate with “Anti Gun” issues……


Steiner’s new R1X Red Dot

VISM also has a Red Dot(Folding) for RMR framed Guns….

Mossberg now makes the Shockwave in 20Ga

Faxon now makes Glock Barrels


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