Firearms Chat Podcast 10/26/17


This week your Intrepid Team Of Tek Greg & Dr. Bill talk about:

(our apolgies this week-we were both a little off health wise, but we didnt want you to not have a show)

Bills in the Congress & Senate that woukd take away your right to purchase ammo online….

Not relying on just GPS when your away from civilization.

(great article at !!)

Anti car jacking Shotgun(the Mossberg Shockwave) and other shotguns….

An Attempted Kidnapping in Las Vegas……which took 17 minutes for the LVMPD to arrive…

Gun Crimes in London are up 20%

Tamara Keel’s article at the NRA website about the disadvantages of carrying a compact or subcompact 9MM Handgun and once again,…the Ammo..

Does the US Army need an Upgrade to the Current M4 Carbine….and should they go to a 6MM round??

Sightmark’s new Affordable Night Vision Scope……

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