No Answers for the Weary….

It’s been a Month exactly today, since the Las Vegas “Incident” as I call it, and we are no closer to a Motive, a reason that the Killer (who’s name I will never mention again) did what he did. Aside from the fact that there are so many inconsistencies in this case that all the retired cops on TV want the Vegas Sheriff to retire, but I think most of that is the FBI keeping their Thumbs on Him and in the case….


Aaron Rouse (Not the Former NFL player) was appointed by Former FBI director James Comey on July 28th of 2016 to the SAC position, Head of Las Vegas field office. As a SAC (Special Agent In Charge) he led The Tampa, and San Antonio field offices, and the counter-intelligence section at the DC HQ. This is no ”Dude off the streets,” this is a Cop with 21+ years of experience….I’d sure like him to get to some answers instead of making Sheriff Lombardo cry at press conferences.


Instead of answers we now have Senators introducing Bills that not only “Ban” Bump-Stocks, but replacement triggers, Online Ammo sales, and other things for starters, before they come for everything else. But the former Head of the FBI’s Counter Intel Section is on the case in Vegas…Yes let’s give him a chance, but we can only be patient for so long.

So many Questions….like why the Hotel Security Guard Left the country just days after the Incident, drove to Mexico with a Gun Shot Wound to his leg, was supposed to do man interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, blew the interview off, then surfaces with another co-worker on the Ellen show(which is owned by the same company that owns the Mandalay Bay), and after Ellen gives the both of them “Softball” questions, both refuse to do any more interviews. Strange isn’t it. Makes you want to avoid outdoor concerts, Football games, just about everything with an outdoor crowd…..yeah me too. I’ll be in Vegas the Third week in January for SHOT show 2018. Glad its Indoors….

Eds.Note: Call your Congressman and Sanators. Tell them you voted them in and you can vote them OUT!!

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