Firearms Chat Podcast-12/21/17-Our Christmas Eve Episode!

**Recorded on 12/21/17**

On our Pre-Christmas Episode we discussed: an Austrialian truck attack….a Kentucky man who was shot trying to break into his ex’s house….a Pizza Delivery man in S. Florida shoots someone trying to rob him…..a convicted felon does a Gun Buyback!….how Pro Gun Women are regularly Harassed!….Henry Sells 1 Millionth Lever action 22!….

Gear List discussed this episode:

Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore has Reconditioned Glock 21’s(45ACP) for $329

The CMP clarifies its rules for obtaining 1911-A1’s

a well known shooters rights group is selling 80% Glock lowers

Ruger releases new EC9s Budget model of LC9s

And Wilson Combat releases a 40th Anniversary boxed set!

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96 Minutes  Enjoy  Merry Christmas!!


2 thoughts on “Firearms Chat Podcast-12/21/17-Our Christmas Eve Episode!”

    1. Awesome! Im not shooting .45ACP much anymore and I have 2 Gold Cups and the Commander I carried In the Army. I’d love a 1911 in 9mm but it will have to wait until ’18 as My wife and I gave each other our “Gun-Presents” for the year, she got a Colt Cobra .38 for her B-Day and I Got a SIG P320RXI(with Romeo4 and 8 mags-4-17’s & 4-21’s) for Chanukah

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