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Firearms Chat Podcast-Special Guest-Rob Morse


Tonight Rob Morse joins us. Rob has ben with us before, he is a panelist on one of our Networks two Flagship Podcasts, the Polite Society, as well as his own short form Podcast-Self Defense Gun Stories. He Blogs at and at Clash Daily and at Ammoland….we talked about the fallout of the Las Vegas incident.

(1 Hr. & 53 Mins.)

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Firearms Chat Podcast 10/5/17-Evan Marshall

On this Episode we were joined by Evan Marshall. Aside from Being a Firearms Writer “Back in the Day” Evan spent 20 years in the Detroit Police Department, retirting at the rank oif Sgt. and would have risen further except he had no time for “BS” as he put it. He did every job including Homicide Det., SRT(Special Response Team) SWAT Training Sgt., & SWAT asst. Team Leader& shift Team leader, among others. He has also written 3 books on the subject on stopping power and owns the websbsite stopping He has also been an FFL owner   and Michigan CPL instructor ….and we finish up with a special listener shout out!(2Hrs.16 mins.)

Firrearms Chat Special Edition: The Las Vegas shooting and what it means for yopu the Lawful Gun Owner


On This special Edition, Bob Mayne, co-founder of the Self Defense Radio Network and author of the Handgun World Podcast, and Yehuda Remer, the author of a Book on Firearms safety for kids, Join Tek Greg and Dr. Bill to discuss the incident in Las Vegas…

Firrearms Chat Podcast 9/28/17

“Tek” Greg and Dr Bill are back this week, while all of our fellow Network Members are at The 32nd Annual Gun Rights Policy Conferrence in Dallas, We coukd not make it Partly bevcause of Bill’s Broken Leg and also bacause of the Jewish Holiday!

We Dicussed many Issues this week, but with a serious bent on Safety. Maybe we have to start reading the safety rules each week…….we also talkd about some new releases including POF’s new AR-10 that is the same weight as their AR-15, and HK’s release of the New SP5K, the Semi-auto MP5…..(1Hr.54Mins)

Firearms Chat Podcast-See you in September(Double shot!)

First, our September 7th show, Tek Greg and Dr. Bill are solo again but Back on Skype. We discussed the ANTIFA lunacy, and a man carrying a Gun without a Holster who shot himself innthe thigh, Websites who are Anti-2A/Anti-Rights of the people….The ATF report on Supressor ownership, and other stories of the week. (140:21 Minutes)


And our show from this week, Wherre Kate Krueger one of our Guest Co Hosts joins us to discuss the weeks topics(too many to list here…..)

Firearms Chat Podcast 8/31/17-The “NoSkype Blues”

Greg and Dr Bill are solo this week as a lot of folks are unavailable due to the holiday weekend…and back on Dial up due to skype acting out.We read a listener Email, and we thank you all for getting us to our High Download/Stream number in 3 years!!!(6K)

Greg has a new email!! (

show time-1hr&45Minutes

Another Triple Shot Post-Because Dr Bill Broke His Leg-3 Episodes

We missed a week because Bill Fell Down and Broke his leg, but even confined to a wheelchair he can host a podcast!!So “Back in the CHAIR so to speak”…….

This past week Yehuda Remer Joins us tonight to discus his Picture Book on Gun safety for Kids….and other topics…and we are thankful for his patience with our technical issues!

And here is our Episode from July 27th With Amanda Suffecool and our rotating Co-Host John Stankewitz of Neilsen Training and Consulting