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Firearms Chat Podcast 12/28/17 Our Final Show Of the Year

Editorial Dialouge

In our Final Show of 2017 we discuss Massad Ayoob’s Article on State Police officers’ duty Firearms, and spin off into an editorial of 9MM/.40S&W/357Sig/.45ACP/10MM  and from there we step into another MAS Article that appeared on the Daily caller’s website, His 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry.

2A/Self Defense/Political

We then looked at a case in North Carolina where a Woman defended her Daughter from the enraged Boyfriend…..Next, a case surfaces regarding a Liberal office holder who assaults a conservative and gets to keep their post, My friend Miguel at Gun Free Zone dot net says National Reciprocity is dead at least in this year’s senate session…the DOJ decides to do their own “End Around” the BAFTE regarding Bump Fire Stocks….

Gear & Industry

Finally-Someone besides us questioned the CMP’s Protocol in selling off 1911’s….The Century Arms Canik(Turkish) now has a “Match Grade” Model with a Long Rail and a 5.2″ Barrel….Savage releases an AR15 chambered in .224 Valkrie…..Are the Reports of the Honorguard might have the same drop issue as the SIG P-320 true??

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What I think about on Independence Day

Well, it’s Independence Day 2017. Usually as it’s just the halfway point of the calendar year, I like to take stock of what’s taken place in the 2A community, and in our world as a whole. The Big thing of course is a President who is supposedly has committed himself to fixing this country’s ills. Next was that this President appointed a former Marine General as Secretary of Defense, and a former Navy Seal as Secretary of the Interior who rode to his first day of work on a horse, then repealed that stupid lead ammo ban!


But make no mistake folks, the Anti-rights crowd still wants to keep you from enjoying your firearms, keep you from Hunting if you so desire, keep you from carrying a handgun for personal protection, and keep you from having a firearms for protection in your home, and in your car.

So it’s up to you to be vigilant. It’s up to you to support candidates who will protect our rights, because it doesn’t happen without you.


You need to call your Senators and Congressmen because they are elected to enact laws that WE want enacted, not to “vote their feelings” on laws. Not to live in fancy houses and claim that $174,000 a year is not enough money to live on when were about to hit 20 Trillon in debt.


After Congressman Scalise was shot, another Congressman introduced a bill that would allow any Member of either house if they so desired, to carry a handgun for protection, even in DC. So I Say, “WHAT ABOUT ME” why can’t the “Average American” who has a CCW permit in his home state, have the ability to carry anywhere in the United States? Well that Bill, H.R. 38 sits not in Committee, but in Sub-Committee!!


To say that I’m outraged is putting it mildly. Did we not elect a Pro-Firearm majority House and Senate? I thought we did it so we could fix the country as the President promised. Not for the Liberal whiners to screw it up. Chuck Schumer and his stupid actress/comedy hack cousin Amy can prattle on all they want, but we have control of the country at least until 2020 and we better get off our rear ends or we will give control of our country back to the Socialists!


This is how I get when I don’t get to shoot! I’m recovering from a concussion back at the end of April, where I also broke a bone in my wrist of my shooting hand, so with my 57th Birthday approaching, I’m looking forward to getting down to my indoor range to shoot (Shameless plug approaching) since we’re entering our 21st day of +100 degree temps, and the only climate controlled, six 25 yard pistol lane, 4 100 yard rifle lane Shooting Range (also 50 yard Archery range!) is Copper Star Indoor Shooting range in Camp Verde Arizona. Sometimes I like Indoor ranges like this one because you can almost duplicate a situation like what you might encounter at your house during a home invasion.


Family run, Veteran owned businesses like this are important to ourIndustry, so during the warmer months I like to get there every 10-14 days. The shop reminds me of the shop my Uncle was a part owner of in the 1960’s and 70’s. I hope you get to shoot this summer. Please observe the 4 safety rules. A few weeks ago I got to be a guest panelist on the Polite Society Podcast, with Paul & Susan Lathrop, Rob Morse, Rachel Malone, and others.

Note: we are having issued with last weeks show due to the move to Skype, so you will probably get two shows posted next week.