Firearms Chat Podcast 1/13/18 SHOT Show Preview#1

With just two weeks to SHOT Show we had a Tragedy in Dr Bill’s House, his Beloved Bulldogge Puppyson Sgt Gator Snapped and Attacked His Mommy, who due to injurues sustained, wont be attending SHOT. Gator will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Breaks our Hearts to do it but he cant do this to anyone else.

We give you the first part of our Preview…and some other stories…..

Firearmschat Podcast1/4/18-Special Guest Yamil Sued Firearms Industry Photographer

Special Guest-Firearms Industry Photographer Yamil Sued joined us for the first 88 Minutes of this Episode. Then we discussed: Guns arent for celebrating so don’t shoot into the air. A self defense case took us to a woman’s bedroom where a robber broke in, waking her, and ending his life.Most home invaders have at least 12 arrests…Since when do you need a CCW to carry at a Privte Biz in ANY state?…The Savage 110 gets an Upgrade,…And Meopta introduces a Red Dot that runs 2000 Hrs on a single AA Battery….Plus Your Emails….

Firearms Chat Podcast 12/28/17 Our Final Show Of the Year

Editorial Dialouge

In our Final Show of 2017 we discuss Massad Ayoob’s Article on State Police officers’ duty Firearms, and spin off into an editorial of 9MM/.40S&W/357Sig/.45ACP/10MM  and from there we step into another MAS Article that appeared on the Daily caller’s website, His 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry.

2A/Self Defense/Political

We then looked at a case in North Carolina where a Woman defended her Daughter from the enraged Boyfriend…..Next, a case surfaces regarding a Liberal office holder who assaults a conservative and gets to keep their post, My friend Miguel at Gun Free Zone dot net says National Reciprocity is dead at least in this year’s senate session…the DOJ decides to do their own “End Around” the BAFTE regarding Bump Fire Stocks….

Gear & Industry

Finally-Someone besides us questioned the CMP’s Protocol in selling off 1911’s….The Century Arms Canik(Turkish) now has a “Match Grade” Model with a Long Rail and a 5.2″ Barrel….Savage releases an AR15 chambered in .224 Valkrie…..Are the Reports of the Honorguard might have the same drop issue as the SIG P-320 true??

Ofcourse we read some of your E-mails!!

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Firearms Chat Podcast-12/21/17-Our Christmas Eve Episode!

**Recorded on 12/21/17**

On our Pre-Christmas Episode we discussed: an Austrialian truck attack….a Kentucky man who was shot trying to break into his ex’s house….a Pizza Delivery man in S. Florida shoots someone trying to rob him…..a convicted felon does a Gun Buyback!….how Pro Gun Women are regularly Harassed!….Henry Sells 1 Millionth Lever action 22!….

Gear List discussed this episode:

Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore has Reconditioned Glock 21’s(45ACP) for $329

The CMP clarifies its rules for obtaining 1911-A1’s

a well known shooters rights group is selling 80% Glock lowers

Ruger releases new EC9s Budget model of LC9s

And Wilson Combat releases a 40th Anniversary boxed set!

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96 Minutes  Enjoy  Merry Christmas!!


Firearmschat Podcast Special Sunday Edition-Special Announcement!

On this special Sunday night edition, Yehuda Remer joins us for our announcement that Yehuda will Join us at SHOT show 2018!

We also discussed: Another police Officer saved by a Good Gal with a Gun!….The Guns “Rangemaster” Certified instructors are carrying…Ed Asner thinks he’s a constitutional scholar now….the New 2nd Generation Kriss Vector in 45Acp and 9MM….Ox dry fire training cards….Magpul Got the US MIL. Contract because they tested a Mag with 20,400 rounds….and the Mailbag!!(1hr46 mins.)

A 2A/Self Defense & Shooting Sports Podcast