12/3/2016 Firearms Chat

Firearms Chat 11-3-2016
(5 days to Gunmegeddon!)

Greg & Dr. Bill discussed….

2A/Politics News(and Prob. a lot of it since the next time we are recording we will know our fate)

Gabby Giffords and her husband think #Hitlery will protect the 2A while making”responsible” changes(There is no Background Check for felons!)-AZ Central(that Socialists rag

Clintons 4 top Gun Lies-Buckeye Firearms Assn/Knox report

Bangor Daily News Reports that Bloombergs Everytown ouytspending NRA 5-1 on Election Ads

1 in 4 Americans are buying a Firearm between now and Jan 1(Bospar.com)
30-40% of Gun owners don’t vote(The Gun writer via the AP)

5 States voting on Gun control next week(Incl Az)

Industry news-

Sig introduces the V-Crown in 357sig(but its already good in 9!)

408 Cheytac at 4540 Yards! talk about a kill shot!(TFB)

Steyr intros Rimfire version of Scout Rifle(Rimfire Central)

Vz61 in 22 now available in Canada

Ruger Mk IV vs S&W Victory…(Gunfeed Video)

(Discuss) Can you use a 22LR for Home/Self Defense??)“`

SPECIAL OLD SHOW FC 12/3/2015 The Inked Up Gunfighter!!

We had Mike Centola (The Inked One) on the shoiw in late 2015 to discuss the Industry during his nearly 50 minutes which took up the first half of the show. Mike discussed the state of the “UN”-Safe Act in NY, his shop in Rochester, All-Star Tactical, whict does maintenece on the Guns of the Rochester PD SWAT unit, His Forum Website NY Firearms Forums, and the NY State Rifle & Pistol Assn. Having Known Mike on-line a bit, I knew he was calling this election Close for about two years now so I wanted to repost this show now that we had our own website. Enjoy!


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Firearms Chat 10/27/16

Greg And Dr Bill Discussed…..

Gallup reports that support for an assault weapons ban is an an all time low-36% down from 44% 4 years ago…..

Sheriff Clarke: Gun Control was meant to keep Guns away from Blacks(PJ Media)

PA House today voted to allow Semi-Auto Rifles for Hunting-Dick Metcalf Devastated (Joke via Gunfeed-H/T to Fox 43 Harrisburg PA)

Once again the NYPD is melting down thousands of confiscated Guns(NY1 news)

Pro Shooter Gabby Franco “fires Back” at #Hitlery KKKlinton over being called her biggest enemy(NRA Members)(NRA-Americas first Freedom Website)

Firearms News-

Otis Technology is introducing a new drop in accessory rail for AK’s-(The Firearm Blog)

Remington has a new Handgun-The RP9 Polymer Pistol which looks a little like a cross between the Walther PPQ series and a SIG P320….(TTAG)

Our friend Kevin Creighton has an article about carrying an S&W Shield on Lucky Gunner dot com

The NRA Blog has a great piece on Proper Range Behavior…..

Fox Business reports that Firearm Sales are surging (ya Think?!?!) could it be because the Liberals are trying to elect someone who wants to outlaw Firearms??
Can you make a Beretta M9/M92 more accurate?

Firearms Chat 10-20-16 Podcast

Greg & Dr. Bill Discussed: The Final Debate was Finally a win for Mr. Trump, While Michigan & Maryland Dems still trying to grab Guns since they don’t read the CONUS, Alex Baldwin Micheal Douglas and others lining up to Support Kaine in support of Anti NRA movie, Meprolight intros a new Pistol sight, Armitix introducing another Smartgun, and it may be time to buy that Gun you have been wanting…..and wat should YOU Buy before the coming restrictions?

Why you need to learn the “411” on Holsters ( part 1)

Why you need to learn the “411” on Holsters ( part 1)

By Dr. Bill Chachkes

Before I offered to give several years of my life to our “Government,” I was a student at a well known Criminal Justice College in New York City, prearing for a career in Law Enforcement. Having a lot of family who were Career Police and Career Military, you get a lot of Advice. One Uncle I was very close to had been in the Service and was a policeman, but also was in the Guns and LE equipment and outdoor sporting goods business. I remember many conversations we had when I spent time in the store on Saturdays growing up. One of the great “Talks” he gave me was about different Holsters and why that segment of the business was learning that a well fitting holster was just as important as your Ammo and Speed loaders or Magazines. This was the the ’70’s, when most of the NYPD and other surrounding areas’ department still used and Issued Revolvers, but some agencies were starting to go over to various Autoloaders. A lot of Outdoorsmen ( And even a few ladies) carried Autos “Just in Case” there was a run in with a Bear or a 2 legged Agressor. My uncle would talk with each customer about what they would be carrying the gun for. Although the Shop had grown when it left the Bronx for Westchester just to the North of the City line, it was still a family run business. My uncle and his partner believed in personal service. He’d never want to hear about an LE customer (or any customer) dying in the line of duty, especially because of equipment failure.

One Saturday I watched him work with a Father and Son, the Father a Veteran officer, and the Son a Rookie still at the academy. The young man could not get out of his head that he should have some kind of “Gunfighting low slung” duty holster. I guess he watched a lot of old western movies. My uncle told him he would sell him whatever he wanted for his own personal guns, but an On Duty Holster had to pass certain” Criteria ” to be worn on Duty. His Father agreed, and he left the store with 4 different belts to try out, two duty belts and two belts strong enough for off duty wear. When I asked my uncle why, his answer was simple. “You sell a new guy on the job more then he needs, with the promise that he can bring back what he doesn’t like after trying it out, and get a credit.” The young man had been issued an S&W 4″ service revolver, and bought both a Chief’s special and a Charter Arms undercover as back ups/off duty to test out for himself. He also was learning the 9MM S&W auto he had bought prior as well. The next week he was back to return one of the On Duty belts, but he kept both off duty belts, and all three handguns. He had chosen the Safariland duty holster and belt rig, and his department allowed 3 speed loaders to be carried, so he bought the speed loaders and pouches, as well as some strip loaders. My Uncle catered to his personal taste, while making sure he had a wide-ranging choice of the gear he needed.

Holsters become a personal choice for almost all of us, and no more so today then ever before with so many different guns we can choose to carry in many different ways. Many folks who open carry for work or as a personal defense choice, do so with Hip/Belt holsters made with either different textured leather, or leather & Kydex, or Kydex alone. Some also opt for Ballistic Nylon holsters as well. I have had and still have many different types of holsters for different Applications. Some who need to work in a car all day have adapted the Chest carry holster from military service pilots and crew, since various shoulder holsters had become popular with Aviators from World War Two and beyond. Many who carried under a jacket, especially detectives, preferred the shoulder carry, either with the Grips vertically carried, or with the gun hung horizontally. When folks go Holster shopping today, they can quickly get “lost ” trying to figure out what will work best for them.

Having worked and learned from my Uncle with some extra experience from my Dad, I’d see other young Army officers I was working with get that lost look. I used to help them figure it out. I’m still doing it today for friends, 40+ years after spending Saturdays at the shop. I always ask: A) what will you carry for, and will you be carrying Openly or Concealed? How many reloads will you carry? Will you carry it strong side? Or weak side cross draw? Shoulder Rig? or a chest rig? Once someone can answer these few basic questions, it gets easier to narrow down the field of choices.

Ex.#1: Friend is a former Army MP, who now does uniformed bonded private security at a bank. He is allowed 2 guns to carry, a Back up as well as a primary, But they must both be Revolvers. After we talked one day when a few of us went to the Indoor Range & Shop we frequent, I was able to have him try a few different belt holsters for his primary, and both an Inside the waist and an Ankle/lower leg set up for his back up. He got both guns in 357, with a 4″ on his hip and a 2.25″ for back up. Eventually he ditched the Ankle/Leg rig anyway and went with a “Tightrope” style in the small of his back.

Ex.#2: Friend is a former Marine, and now a local PD officer. His agency recently switched from officers choosing whatever Caliber they wanted off duty, but one on duty caliber and bought their own ammo with a stipend from their Department, to standardizing one caliber for both off and on duty, the 40 S&W, and only 3 brand guns, the SIG, the Glock, and the S&W. for on Duty.

After making his Choice, the SIG 226, he (we) built everything around his Gun, and not the other way around. Next was Ammo. Federal American Eagle LRN’s for Training, and he picked out some different approved SD Ammo to try out. Next came the Belt and assorted extras. He chose the Blackhawk setup, with 3 Mag. Pouches. He set up the belt to take 2 vertically and the third horizontally just behind the first two. He had the Blackhawk Serpa which he liked, as his Holster.

It’s very important to practice not only live shooting drills, but draw and Aim “Dry” drills as well. Not enough folks put the extra effort into different “Practice Disciplines.” Every(Handgun/Small Arms) trainer I ever had who was “Good” at what he taught, worked through many different “role play situations.” This method, that many used in the armed services, would expose trainees to different active shooting situations to help them learn the correct methods needed to get home every night. When I get ready to buy a new holster I will ask myself the questions back in the third paragraph to make sure I get the right choice, the one that fits me best overall. I don’t dislike the less expensive nylon or the Kydex rigs, i just have a “thing” for a good leather rig. That being said, I live in the High desert now, and as I have been told “A leather holster in the Desert becomes wet and smelly.” One of my favorite Inside the waistband holsters is the Insider by DeSantis. It’s not too thin, but not very thick, yet holds it’s retension and stays stable even with extended daily use. it’s the only Leather IWB rig I still use, as I make the move to kydex. The clip design lets you adjust both the height of the holster on your belt, as well as giving you some room to move the gun to the desired angle of cant. I also have Three pocket holsters, one Neoprene which rides in my “Man Bag” by “Sticky” and the other two suede models by Blackhawk

Now that I’ve gotten to know a few folks who make Kydex rigs, I have come to like a few “Off the rack”, but find the custom made ones so much better, even if they cost a little more. In Part 2 I will discuss the benefits of a custom designed “Just for you” Kydex Holster, but I want to end here with that, and there will be more to come in Part Two. Thanks for reading.





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