Guest-Article-Concealed Carry with Your Significant Other and / or Kids

Concealed Carry with Your Significant Other and / or Kids

By Lynne Finch
You’ve made the decision, you gotten a permit, you trained and practiced and now you are ready to go out into the world with your firearm. Good for you! Have you discussed this with the others in your life who might be out with you? Do they know what to do if something happens? My ex-husband and I had this conversation one afternoon. It started with us getting ready to go to the grocery store, I asked him to wait while I grabbed my gun. “We’re going to the grocery store, why are you getting your gun?” I responded “if I were going someplace I thought I would need it, why would I go there?” But it got me thinking.

I asked him, if we are confronted by an aggressor, what would you do? First answer was to step in front of me. Well, I’m the one with the gun. Ok, he would step behind me. WRONG! If he was behind me, that means I can’t move without exposing him or tripping on him. We talked it through. I explained that I needed him to move away from me, on a diagonal path and seek cover if possible. That left me free to move in any direction and respond appropriately. Had we not had that conversation, and something happened, the results could have been disastrous.

Same goes for taking the family for a walk. I often advise parents to have code words for their kids. They can be used to let them know that a stranger is safe picking them up from school in an emergency. They can also be used to trigger a version of hide and seek. Teach your little ones the difference between cover and concealment. Concealment can hide you from view but cover offers concealment and protection from a bullet. Cover is preferred but, worst case, out of sight is better than in the open. Have a word that isn’t likely to come up in conversation, but that is easy for them to remember. Be walking along, call out your word, maybe “Eggplant” and have the kids scatter away from you for cover and stay there until you give them the all clear. You can practice this, make it a game like hide and seek. Just remember that they should go away from you and somewhat behind, you don’t want them in front of you or between you and the aggressor. When I was a kid we used to practice fire evacuation drills. Same principle. If you practice when you don’t need it, you know what to do when you do need it.

This gives the armed family member the ability to focus on the threat, not worry about where the others are, know they are as safe as they can be, and hard for the bad guy to use to gain your compliance.

This can be a little tough for a couple when the woman is the armed one, but guys…get over it. If both members of a couple are armed, there are great classes out there that teach couples tactics, working together, communicating and defending each other. Above all, talk, plan and know what the other will do before you find yourself in that situation.

Lastly, the best encounter is the one you do not have. Stay aware, assess your surroundings, and avoid situations that “feel” wrong. A gun is an equalizer but it is not a panacea. No matter the circumstances, you shoot, you will be dealing with the consequences for a long time. There is a saying that “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”. Personally, I would rather all my targets be paper. But, if someone takes that option away, I am prepared to defend myself and my family.

Lynne Finch is a Veteran,  a Firearms Instructor and Author.
Lynne has written four books on shooting and personal security, Taking Your First Shot, The Home Security Handbook, Female and Armed and Living an Armed Life (available on Amazon).. She has contributed to a variety of publications, including Combat Handgun Magazine, Women and Guns Magazine, Gun Shows Today, A Black Man with a Gun and her own Blog, Female and Armed. While she has an interest in competition, her training is geared toward defensive tactics with a strong belief that the gun is the last resort.
Lynne founded Women Firearm Instructors, a supportive group of instructors supporting each other and sharing ideas.
Lynne is pleased to be able to share on Firearms Chat, and is open to any questions submitted. please sumbit your questions to the editor at and we will forward them on….Thanks!

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