Firearms Chat 11-27-16 (Sunday)

Greg and Dr, Bill talk about the Tech Issues keeping them from attempting to record this episode for Two Days thus making this show the Pre-Turkey day show that Became the Post Turkey Day show, and after a bit of political wipping of Liberals they talked about….

2A News

Mommies Demand is at it again in Florida(H/T Greg-Via

When a Good Guy Acts- The Media Looks away(NRA-Am.1st Greg)

Man Gets off Parole and weeks later is Arrested on Gun charges(H/T Greg Via NYDN)

Florida Deputy Gets Mounted by a Bad Guy(H/T Greg again Via NRA Americas First Freedom dot com)

Banning Guns will not stop Chicago Gun Violence-War on Guns dot com-Bill)

Industry News

Everyone is Lauding S/A’s SAINT MSR except the end users(Commentary(short) based on Firearms News Cover story-BILL)

FBI approves SIG Romeo 4 Use(Greg Again from TFB)

Skelli was a game we inner city kids played with Caps filled wit Wax, well this version is a piston driven Modular rifle(Greg Again via TFB)

HIGH GUN SALEs EXPECTED ON BLACK FRIDAY-But not like the last Eight Years? Wrong!!(Datyon Daily News-Bill)

CZ Finally INTRODUCES a Striker Fired Pistol(The P10)(Bill)

Timmey Triggers introduces the Calvin Elete Competition Trigger (1.5 Lbs) and a 2 stage Trigger for the Ruger Percision rifle….(Bill)


Firearms Chat 11-17-16-Special Guest ACE LUCIANO!!


Firerarms Chat Podcast Agenda 11-17-16

Special Guest Ace LUCIANO! Our friend Ace talks about his new Book published on Gun Digest Books(Guns The Right Way)( as well as other topics…including the Top News story tonight!

2A/Politics News

Experts worry campus concealed carry won’t mix with UW drinking culture….

Three misfires on campus already cause concern(H/T Badger news)
‘Lie And Try’ To Buy A Gun In Washington? Little Risk Of Arrest, Prosecution(H/T NW News)

St. Louis Alderman Pushes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban for Law-Abiding Citizens(H/T Brietbart 2A)

Higher instances of Police Shootings across the USA(Commentary)

Industry News

Taurus CT40 Goes Full Auto Without Trigger Pull(H/T TFB)

Ben Avery Shooting Facility stages history-making event
1,000 shooters simultaneously fire Henry Golden Boy Silver rifles

Guns dot Com reviewed the New SB Tactical Brace for AK Pistols, as well as the new Brace for the AR Pistol that meets ATF’s draconian rules….
They also did a review on the new Henry Octagon Pump Action 22Mag.(Drool!!)
Gun And Ammo Prices on the rise??(commentary)

Firearms Chat 11/10/16-Armed Lutheran Radio

Firearms Chat Podcast Agenda 11/9/2016
Guest-Lloyd Bailey Jr. Host of Armed Lutheran Radio
Lioyd tells us how his show began, and why the Lutheran perspective matters in today’s society, and how he came to have several good contributors, including a Sgt. with the Dallas PD, and just the third Woman Guide to appear on the cover of Field & Stream!

2A/Politics News-Election 2016 Aftermath

Well at least we can stop worrying about our Guns getting Melted Down.
We knew Soros and Move On would fund protests, but what happened to the peaceful protests of our youth?(commentary)

WAPO says Trump’s win swings the SCOUTS back our way. Garland can forget about Obama’s Appointment of Him… reports that a Powerful Florida State Senator (De La Portilla) was Ousted because of his Anti-2A stance…

Bob Owens at Bearing Arms Lists the Five reasons why an Australian style Gun Ban would tank in the US…..

Maine Expanded Background checks Fails, While Nevada passes by a Razor Thin Margin…(thanks Blom-billionaire-Berg)

Firearms Industry News

Both Bearing Arms and the Washington Post Report Defense Industry Stocks Soaring, While Firearms Company’s are dropping like Rocks(my Analogy) Ruger and S&W report double digit losses…

Brownness now selling Guns online like Sportsmans Guide

What does the Cabalas-Bass pro deal mean for You…

S&W wants to change its name to American Outdoor Brands……

Special OLD SHOW!!! 10-29-2015 The GREAT MASSAD AYOOB Interview!!

Another Blast From Our Past, Just Over a Year ago Greg and I had the Oppurnity to Interview one of The Giants in our Industry, Massad Ayoob, who sometimes goes by the Nickname “MAS,” who spent almost 90 minutes with us discussing his career and various experiences, his many Ariticles and books, of which one stands out to Greg and I, ” In the Gravest Extreme!.” we even go dow memory lane with MAS when he rode with the NYPD STAKEOUT SQUAD in 1969-70 and worked with Dr. Bill’s Uncle….. Enjoy!


12/3/2016 Firearms Chat

Firearms Chat 11-3-2016
(5 days to Gunmegeddon!)

Greg & Dr. Bill discussed….

2A/Politics News(and Prob. a lot of it since the next time we are recording we will know our fate)

Gabby Giffords and her husband think #Hitlery will protect the 2A while making”responsible” changes(There is no Background Check for felons!)-AZ Central(that Socialists rag

Clintons 4 top Gun Lies-Buckeye Firearms Assn/Knox report

Bangor Daily News Reports that Bloombergs Everytown ouytspending NRA 5-1 on Election Ads

1 in 4 Americans are buying a Firearm between now and Jan 1(
30-40% of Gun owners don’t vote(The Gun writer via the AP)

5 States voting on Gun control next week(Incl Az)

Industry news-

Sig introduces the V-Crown in 357sig(but its already good in 9!)

408 Cheytac at 4540 Yards! talk about a kill shot!(TFB)

Steyr intros Rimfire version of Scout Rifle(Rimfire Central)

Vz61 in 22 now available in Canada

Ruger Mk IV vs S&W Victory…(Gunfeed Video)

(Discuss) Can you use a 22LR for Home/Self Defense??)“`

SPECIAL OLD SHOW FC 12/3/2015 The Inked Up Gunfighter!!

We had Mike Centola (The Inked One) on the shoiw in late 2015 to discuss the Industry during his nearly 50 minutes which took up the first half of the show. Mike discussed the state of the “UN”-Safe Act in NY, his shop in Rochester, All-Star Tactical, whict does maintenece on the Guns of the Rochester PD SWAT unit, His Forum Website NY Firearms Forums, and the NY State Rifle & Pistol Assn. Having Known Mike on-line a bit, I knew he was calling this election Close for about two years now so I wanted to repost this show now that we had our own website. Enjoy!


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