Site Update-Major Announcement!

Folks just a quick word-We have worked through our issues With our host, Word Press, and we have switched Podcast Plug ins, and we will be usingthe industry standard LIBSYN shortly. Please bear with us as we set up our Libsyn acount! So here’s that BIG announcement!!

WE ARE JOINING THE SELF DEFENSE RADIO NETWORK!!! AND(Bonus) We have joined the I-95 Sports and Ent. Network!

Thanks and have a Blessed day!

Dr Bill

Welcome to the Firearms Chat Podcast

Hello my name is Dr. Bill and I want to welcome you to our new Word Press Website in support of our Podcast! While this is a new site, the Podcast has existed, bouncing around from site to site, for the last 3 years, and while two early homes left us feeling less then happy to say the least, our last home AZGO(Arizona Gun Owners) allowed us to make friends around the industry here in Arizona and across North America. In Fact Their Admin, “T” suggested we do our own site, so here we are.

Our Bios:

Dr. Bill’s Bio-

Dr. Bill Chachkes is a Retired Educator, Athletics Coach, and Sportswriter & Broadcaster.

He also Served 12 Years In The U.S. Army as a Chief Warrant Officer, Telling Others Where to go, what to do, and how quick to do it, as well as flying some of the US Army’s Heaviest Armed Helicopters. He is a combat Veteran Of Central America, Lebanon, Grenada, and as an Active Reservist, Panama (Operation Just Cause) and Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Bill spent his final 9-1/2 years as a Member of the Army Special Operations Command, Flying Helicopters and Fixed Winged Aircraft for the 160th SOAR*(Special Operations Aviation Regiment). Aside from being a disabled combat veteran, Bill Mentors At Risk Teens, and current vets returning home “so they don’t make the same mistakes I did.” He has also volunteered at an Aviation Museum. Prior to that, and beginning in Early 1985, Bill Began a Public and Higher Education Career, which lasted until  early 2011.

He hails from the Bronx, In New York City, but spent his last 9 Years in NY living on Long Island, and currently lives in Northern Arizona near Sedona. He had never been a “Truck Guy” until he and his Wife leased a 2012 Ford Escape (“Yeah, SUV’s are Trucks Too!!!”) for a Move across Country 2500 Miles (2519 Miles Exactly!). Coming from a Military and Police Family, He began shooting at a young age. He is married to Annrose, who also does Photography work for the site and podcast as well as keeping him “on the Strait and Narrow.” At times, she can be a better shot.

While they have no “Human” Children, they are the Proud parents of “Sgt. Gator” a 6 Year Old, Olde English Bulldogge, with 568 Facebook Friends. They recently bought out the lease and now own that 2012 Escape. Gator owns the Escape’s Back Seat. Besides being an Avid shooter he admits  most of his and his Wife’s collection is inherited, he is currently enrolled in Gunsmithing school (Yapavai College in N. AZ). He spent his youth in the back of his Uncle’s Gunshop on Saturday Mornings. He Plays Guitar, Keyboards & Electric Violin. He is a Former Football Coach, Writer, Scout, and Broadcaster/Podcaster, having spent 10 years assualting the microphone regarding the sport on Blogtalk Radio. He took a break from Football media in early 2014, but returned in the Fall of 2016 to return with “Beyond The Hashmarks’ Hosted on the I-95 Sports Network. He has also been a sworn volunteer LEO at the local and state level.

Bio-Gregory Hutton-

Greg Hutton grew up in the California foothills, enjoying the vast hunting and fishing areas throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Greg successfully helped business owners by consulting on small businesses and eventually started his own, a gun store that sold firearms, offered gunsmithing and trained firearms safety and shooting skills, specializing in beginning shooters.  He has also has a degree in web design, certificates in computer networking and several decades of experience building computers for himself and others. His desire to teach absolute beginners has led to helping others learn everything from Microsoft Windows to proper firearms handling in a safe and friendly environment.


In 2004, changes in health and California’s flagging Second Amendment policies encouraged Greg and family to move to Ohio where he now expands his shooting skills and enjoys being semi-retired.  His “hobbies” include reading crime data, statistical analysis and application of science to self-defense hardware and applications.  Future pursuits may include NRA training to be able to qualify as a Concealed Weapons Permit trainer for the State of Ohio and possibly obtaining an FFL to re-establish his shop and supply advice, training and hardware to his friends and neighbors in Ohio to better defend themselves. He is Married to Allison, and they have two dogs.


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